Wednesday, June 03, 2009

J'aime la lumiere pourpre de l'aube

Comme d'habitude, je n'arrive pas a dormir.
A chaque retour a NY c'est la meme histoire.
Avant hier, j'ai pris un joli polaroid du petit matin,vers 5 ou 6 heures.
Mais malheureusement il va falloir que je rachete un nouveau scanner.
Sinon, j'ai ete happe par la ville, mais je recommencerai a poster des images des demain.

As usual, I can't go to sleep.
It happens every time I return to NY.
At least for the first few days.
I took a polaroid of the start of the day, around 6am, on my first day back.
But then realized I need to buy a new scanner. All because of stupid software compatibility, which seems like utter bullshit to me.
Otherwise I've been sucked by the city's pace, but will start posting images again tomorrow.

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