Friday, October 02, 2009

Polaroid du jour: Fumie, again

Dernier pola de la série.
Ces photos sont destinées au prochain numéro du magazine Kaiserin, je vous dirais dès que j'en connais la date de sortie.

Last polaroid of the series.
It's for the great magazine Kaiserin.
Printing the photos this week, I will let you know when the mag comes out.


mms said...

The mystery was solved!


mms said...

KAISERIN has a worldwide circulation of 5,000??? But a magazine for boys with problems needs to sell moooore then 5,000 copies :-P

Anna D. said...

I've really enjoyed these polaroids, Thomas. Very beautiful!

cleophee69 said...

Merci Thomas pour ces infos IOI
Je ne connaissais pas ce magazine. Ravie pour toi!
Bravo pour tes jolies et originales photos.
Hâte d'avoir "Kaiserin" entre mes mains !

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I just Googled the magazine KAISERIN out of interest - and got a full sized pic of a naked male on my PC screen...AND I'm at my desk with all my colleagues! No-one said anything but they'll think I'm a prevert now. I bet our IT Dept. is on to me in an instant.....doh. Bad start to the day!