Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chansonnette de la semaine: Happy up Here par Royksopp

Je sais, pas très original, Royskopp deux semaines de suite. Mais je n'y peus rien, leurs clips sont toujours excellents.

I know, Royksopp again, but they are really good. And their video are constantly the best.


cleophee69 said...

Il n'y a pas de mal à se faire plaisir,n'est ce pas?!!!

Are you "Happy here" at Envoy? Let us know ! Thanks.

Mermaid said...

Are you sure you aren't in cahoots with iTunes? Here I go again, straight from your blog to download more songs. But it is appreciated. I am really enjoying discovering new music and seeing my kids' raised eyebrows when they check out my iPod. Thank you.