Friday, February 19, 2010


I've been distracted setting up a Tumblr.
I just love tumblr.
If you've followed this blog you will probably know most of the images uploaded for the next couple of weeks, but there will be some good ones to revisit.
And new ones on both platforms coming soon.


Annick said...

I've tried this out in the beginning of this year but I found it quite complicated. Maybe I have give it an another try. xxx

amar said...

wow... "Sleep Deprivation" is cool. i like the images that looks like a tweaked out eyeball.

cleophee69 said...

Ce site m'était totalement inconnu !
Merci pour ce partage de photos...En effet,quelqu'unes sont
inédites !
Voilà donc,une autre adresse à ajouter d'urgence à mes favoris !!!