Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pepite du grenier: Andy Lemaster

Mon Premier travail de commande.
Andy avait besoin d'images pour son groupe Now It's Overhead, et j'etais flate qu'il me demande de le photographier.
Mais le jour j, mon dieu que j'etais nerveux. Je n'avais pas encore compris qu'il faut savoir bien se preparer mais qu'au final une belle image se creera dans l'instant. Et le plus souvent dans l'improvisation.
Pour ceux qui ne connaisse pas sa musique Black Out Curtain, la premiere chanson sur son premier album eponyme, est l'un des mes debuts preferes pour un nouvel artiste.

This was the first time I was commisioned.
When my friend Andy needed images for his band Now It's Overhead.
I was very flattered he asked me, and took it very seriously. And how nervous I got when he arrrived late and I thought I had lost the light.
I had not yet learned that it's great to be well prepared but in the end happy accidents will creat the true great shot.
If you don't know andy's work go on itunes. Black Out Curtain, the 1st song of his 1st album, is still one of my favorite songs.


Mermaid said...

Beautiful. He looks angelic in these photographs. Especially the second one with the way the light is around him.

eddie_the_wheel said...

these are great

Annick said...

I love the second too. I found also the song on i Tunes and I like it !!! Have a safe trip back. xxx

mara said...

the second one is very beautiful. He looks like as an angel. great work!

mms said...

Mmm, no, I love just the first one. The boy in the square!