Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Je rentre a la maison

Nouvelle version, légèrement modifiée.

New version, slightly tweaked.

Musique: Sweet Love for Mother Earth par Fuck Buttons


Lorraine said...

I flew home from London yesterday. The awesome beauty of clouds never fails to entrance me. I'm like a kid looking out of the window the whole way.

Loved the photo of the mammatus clouds in NY you posted earlier this month. They are always breathtaking.

Mermaid said...

That view is absolutely gorgeous and the song fits perfectly. Found myself watching it over and over. Just what I needed after a horrible day at work. Thank you.

cleophee69 said...

Waouhhh, sublime vidéo...Quelle belle vue du ciel !
Ambiance apaisante avec cette douce mélodie...
Cette vidéo pourrait être une bonne thérapie pour les phobiques de l'avion !!!