Saturday, May 15, 2010

Photos du Jour: Loomstate on Earth day

Pour célébrer la journée de la Terre, la fine équipe de Loomstate a organisé un performance de 40 percussionistes, jouant à l'unisson.
Le mélange bruit/foule ayant tendance à me donner des accès de panique, pas de photos de la performance. Mais c'était aussi joli à vide.
The Loomstate team organized a great performance to celebrate Earth day. A musical piece for 40 percussionists. But the mix crowd+loud noise tends to get me panicky.
So no photos of the actual performance, but the crowd of drum sets looked pretty good.


jodi said...

love the pyramid. 40 percussionists must have made quite the sound.

cleophee69 said...

Hello Thomas.How are You?
Ouah,très sympa cette idée de pyramide! Pas bien courant ça en concert!
Nice pictures as usual!Thanks !

Mermaid said...

How wonderful to see new photos! I hope that all is well with you.

A friend forwarded some videos from YouTube of this to me. The images on the pyramid were fun to watch but the drumming was loud. Can't imagine what it must have sounded like to actually be there. Looking forward to more new stuff. Take care.