Friday, May 21, 2010

Photos du Jour: Tout est différent en noir et blanc


Maica said...

Beautiful contrast!
I love the last one... and what a funny peaked cup!

mara said...

is true...I prefer B/W

pauline said...

Is that Marc Hundley?

Love the last photo. And what a chic towel!

amar said...

o the bare feet photograph is great. totally worth a hang on the wall.

have a splendid day

cleophee69 said...

Oui,l'effet en noir & blanc est différent...J'ai une petite préférence quand même pour le B&W !
Extra la photo des pieds!
Mais ma favorite reste la 4°, yeah...Beautiful "Lucky" Man !

J Kenny said...

Your work is fantastic, I really love your Portraits and the grain in the B+w set.. gives me goosebumps.

Thanks alot for sharing!