Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pass it on to your brazilian friends!

Alors ca y est, I'll be Your Mirror passe enfin au sud de l'équateur.
Et s'installe à Sao Paulo pour un mois.
L'expo débute Mercredi 27 Octobre et je serai là pour les festivités: Mercredi 27 Octobre, de 7h à minuit.

Finally, I'll be your mirror is moving south of the equator.
To Brazil!
And I'll be there to celebrate opening night, Wed Oct 27th, 7 to midnight.

I'll be Your Mirror at Kultur Studio
October 27 / November 27
Rua Fidalga, 98, Vila Madalena
Sao Paulo. SP. Brazil


cleophee69 said...

Bonjour Thomas.
Comment vas tu?

Ouah, ravie pour toi...Excellente nouvelle!Félicitations ...

Bon à quand une expo à l'est de l'Amérique par exemple en France !? Can't wait...

Plein de bonnes choses pour toi...


Anonymous said...

Oh la la! Finally! Good morning Thomas. How are you?
Very very interesting news about yr expo. Compliments.

Maybe you'll be there in Italy next time? I really hope.

All the best .


Cristina from Milano

Maica said...

hey!, maybe ARGENTINA?

Maica said...

If you want an expo in Buenos Aires let me know...

Anonymous said...

Tu serais debout à 7h du mat???
oula oula, ça devient grave !
Nez Papou

Annick said...

Hi Thomas, wish u lots of fun in Brasil. I hope that I'll be your mirror, will come to Europe one day. Annick x

Ana said...

It´d be great to see you in London too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas... congratulations!!

it makes me so happy that you are mowving to Southamerica, I'd love to go if I'd live in Brazil but unfortunately I'm from Argentina... please bring I'll Be Your Mirror to Buenos Aires!!!


Carmen said...

Hi Thomas! Great news! I'm so glad. I hope you consider other South American countries, like Argentina, I'd be happy to assist. Cheers!