Friday, April 03, 2009

Bonjour de Paris

Avec un petite photo de Londres, ou je retourne dans quelques jours.
Ici, c'est la course.
Difficile de voir tout le monde, famille, alias plus rendez vous de travail.
D'autant plus que pour la premiere fois, j'ai des aussi des amis de new york qui se sont ajoute a la joyeuse bande.
Sinon, pour ceux que ca interesse, il y a un nouvel entretient en ligne.
Manque de sommeil et overdose de caffeine ne sont pas les mamelles d'une ecriture des plus coherentes, vous m'en excuserez.
Apres Londres, je complote une visite en Islande.
Je n'y suis jamais alle donc tous conseils et sujets photographiques sont les bienvenus.

With a little photo of London, where I'm heading back in a few days.
Taken on my phone, that's the best I can do right now.
We will have to wait for my return to NY to see more elaborates images.
Just a heads up, for those interested: there is a little interview online,
Lack of sleep and high caffeine intake are not the most inducive to coherent writing.
Sorry for the rambling style.
After London, I'm plotting a stop in Iceland. I have never been.
So advices on models to shoot, and places to see are welcomed.
Tommorrow, I'll try to write something smart about the best art show I've seen in months.


Anonymous said...

Iceland is so beautiful. Enjoy ;)

Annick xxx

Lorraine said...

Agreed. Iceland is stunning, I've said that here before. But I'm not sure that places a geologist(albeit an art loving one -c'est moi!) would find hip would be the places a photographer such as yourself would find hip also. There are some really great bars in Reykjavik though! Crazy nightlife! Perhaps you should give Bjork a ring...

Enjoyed the little interview. When are you planning to bring your show to London? I live in Edinburgh but I'm in London every 6 weeks or so. Would love to see your work in the flesh!

Anonymous said...

"the best art show I've seen in months"...The David Lachapelle show? ;-)


das-unentdeckte-land said...

I´m really looking forward for new photos taken on your trip. Can´t await...

100%katoen said...

super photo, même pris avec un portable! c'est comme les nuages sont tenus par les fils.
Would love to see more of your work!
Tu passeras par Anvers?

Anonymous said...

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