Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Photo du Jour: Comme à la messe

Joseph Arthur en concert à Paris.


Annick said...
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Annick said...

I missed him in Brussels two days after this Paris gig. So I am very glad with this photo :)

( sorry the above was mine too, but I made some stupid spelling errors )

jodidoh said...

i'm used to seeing mr. arthur perform with limbless mannequins and flying toilet paper. a twisted atmosphere to match the quirky tonal quality of his voice.

it's interesting to see how you saw mr. arthur's performance and how you chose to represent him. so somber. so reticent.

that, imo, is one of the most fascinating things about photographers and their work. when the photographer allows himself to become an intrinsic part of the process (which you do, mr. dozol) the viewer is not only treated to the artist's interpretation of the subject but also to the artist's interpretation of himself.


cleophee69 said...

L'ombre et la lumière...Very nice...
Titre de la photo bien approprié !
Hallucinant de voir le public assis par terre pendant un concert(pas mon truc du tout!).
Respect pour Joe en écoutant religieusement ou irrespect????