Monday, December 28, 2009

Photo du Jour: Comme deux semaines peuvent paraitre longues

Il y a deux semaines, je finissais d'inspecter les derniers tirages.

Le show était bouclé.
Aujourd'hui, un tirage de remplacement erre dans les limbes de fed ex; il faut toujours organiser l'acheminement des photos encadrées jusqu'à New York; une nouvelle idée de présentation est à construire si je trouve un charpentier.

Le sol semble s'etre transformé en sables mouvants.

Two weeks ago, I just had finished inspecting the exhibition prints.
I was happy, all felt set and secure.
Now, a replacement for a damaged print is floating in fed ex limbo; I still have to set up the shipping of all the frames back to NY; a new idea for the installation is to be built if I can find a carpenter.
The ground now longer feels solid.


jodidoh said...

doesn't your show start on the 7th? don't stress yourself out. keep in mind that it's still the holiday season and it may be difficult to get everything accomplished that you'd like to. plan accordingly. fed-ex shipments can be tracked, it's kinda fun to watch a package's progress as it makes it's way through the system (and it will give you peace of mind). also keep in mind that you're probably still grieving and that grief will color the decisions you make. take care.

cleophee69 said...

"Don't worry, be happy"...
Tout va bien se dérouler...
Plein de pensées positives et encourageantes...Bises.