Wednesday, May 06, 2009

MovieTime: Parker Posey est vraiment une femme formidable

J'ai enfin regarde Broken English hier, et j'ai vraiment aime.
C'est quand meme rare de voir un comedie romantique qui reussisse a etre contemporaine et pas culcul.
La trame est assez simple: fille un peu paumee, rencontre un bel etranger. Le laisse partir. Et part finalement a sa recherche.
Mais Parker est une actrice incroyable.
En tout cas moi, j'adore. Plus son personnage est pathetiquem plus elle me fait rire.Mais sans jamais en rajouter.
Au final, je suis peut etre partial du au fait que le film se passe dans mes deux villes (new york et paris), mais je le recommende vivement.

Just watched Broken English last night.
And loved it.

The story line goes along a pretty classic thread.
Woman in her thirties feels lost. Meet a handsome foreigner in visit. Lets him go. And then what will she do about it?
But Zoe Cassavetes' dialogues are really funny and ring true.
And yet again, Parker Posey is really an amazing actress.
She's not afraid of the pathetic aspects of her character.
The sadder she is, the more she makes me laugh.
I might be partial since the movie takes place in my two homes, new york and paris, but it's rare to see a romantic comedy that manages to feel contemporary and not saccharine coated.

Ps: le film est bien mieux que sa bande annonce
The trailer doesn't do justice to the movie

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Mermaid said...

Thank you for posting about this movie. My NetFlix queue was empty and there was nothing appealing to me. Parker Posey is one of my favorite actresses (not sure how this movie was missed) so I was very excited to read your post. Parker's portrayal of Nora was the perfect blend of world weariness and vulnerability. The scene at the penguin enclosure was beautiful. It was moving to watch how Nora let her guard down and allowed herself to be truly naked before Julien. I am looking forward to any future movie recommendations that you share with us. Merci beaucoup.