Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photo du Jour: Hyde Park Corner

Les premiers signes du printemps.
Dans un coin pluvieux de Hyde Park.

The first signs of Spring.
And the try outs, trying to understand blogspot and photoshop compatibility.


Anonymous said...

These are absolutely wonderful and inspiring, Thomas!! I like the second one the most. The woman in the pictures is very beautiful.
All the best to you!

mms said...

Love the first! Finally it's "sakura"'s day also in London...

trd said...

The first one is the closest to what I wanted. But not quite right. If anyone knows out to solve this situation, let me know.

Tore said...

If the issue is with the colour saturation I think the problem might be the colour profile of the browser. An example:

It can be helped by using Firefox with this add-on or Safari. Why no other browsers are up to date on this is beyond me. And it is very annoying for us photographers.

Hope that helps.